Dent Repair

Our goal is to professionally repair every car dent using quality Paintless Dent Repair. Dent Squad USA is Vale National Certified and has 20+ years experience in the auto dent removal and hail damage repair business and have repaired hundreds of cars. While traditional body shops would rather replace panels and use fillers, we understand that retaining your factory finish and the value of your car is important. Paintless Dent Repair is the best way to remove hail dents and is also insurance approved.

of paintless
dent repair

Keep your vehicles original finish

Enhance and retain your vehicle's value

Quich turnaround on auto hail repair

Free pickup and delivery

Saves time and money compared to other types of repairs

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Frequently Asked Questions

We gain access to the back of the dent and gently massage the dent out using special tools designed specifically for this type of work. It is a gentle and precise process. Basically, we put the dented metal back in its original place without disturbing the paint.
No, hail damage is considered under comprehensive coverage. Not collision.
Definitely! If you have full coverage on your vehicle, your insurance company will pay for the repairs minus your deductible. Insurance companies see the benefit of repairing hail damaged cars the PDR way! The car is restored to its original finish and the repair time is days rather than weeks.