We gain access to the back of the dent and gently massage the dent out using special tools designed specifically for this type of work. It is a gentle and precise process. Basically, we put the dented metal back in its original place without disturbing the paint.
Dings and dents caused by: other car doors, shopping carts, golf balls, hail stones, and many other kinds of minor dents as long as the paint is not damaged. If you are not sure if PDR is the right option for repairing your car, please email a picture to us. In some cases we can determine from a picture if the damage can be repaired using PDR and the estimated cost.
Normally door dings can be repaired while you wait (15 to 20 minutes). If we are doing more extensive work, like a complete cleanup of several door dings on both sides of the vehicle it may take as little as a couple of hours or less. Auto hail damage repairs take longer due to the quantity of dents to repair. Most auto hail repairs jobs can be completed with a day or two plus time for insurance administration. This is also dependent on our existing work load. Call today to schedule an appointment for us to look over your car.
No. We don't report hail damage repairs to CarFax so the repair will not go on the CarFax report so it won't effect the value of your car should you decide to sell it. Traditional body shops and car dealerships typically report to CarFax which is not to your advantage and could reduce the value of your car.
The age of your car's dents have no bearing on the repair
Definitely! Insurance companies see the benefit of repairing hail damaged cars the PDR way! The car is restored to its original finish and the repair time is days rather than weeks.
No, you have the right to choose any repair shop you trust!
No, hail damage is considered under comprehensive coverage. Not collision.
We are the experts when it comes to vehicle hail damage repair. We have over 20+ years experience and I am a Vale Certified Paintless Dent Repair technician. Our certified technicians will provide quality repair that is unmatched in the industry and a lifetime warranty that is yours for the life of your vehicle. See what our customers have to say about us - click here.
Unfortunately it is impossible to determine the size, depth, sharpness and access to a dent over the phone. Our technicians will need to visually inspect your vehicle to determine an accurate estimate.