• Dent Squad USA, thank you for a professional job and service! My Mini-Copper was covered in dents and now they are gone. I especially liked the free pick up and delivery!


  • From the moment I spoke to you on the phone,I knew I was dealing with a professional company who prides itself on integrity.These guys are good! All the work was performed in a timely manner and the hail dents are gone...like magic! Thanks!

    Kenny Scott

  • Very satisfied with work. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

    Grace Lucero

  • Our radio station vehicle was pulverized in the hail storm. Wow! Dent Squad USA had the vehicle for just 24 hours, and it looks brand new again. I highly recommend their work. You deal with professionals that guarantee their work.

    Steven Johns

  • I just got my vehicle back from the Dent Squad in Michigan. Very nice work. Thank you.

    Kimberly Switzer

  • I bought my wife her first new Avalon, and about a week later someone dented it. I heard about Butch and the great work he does so, when I heard they were working within 5 hours of where I live, I drove down there and had him remove the dent. There is no one better than Butch when it comes to PDR.


  • Dent Squad USA got my car in quick and finished it fast... looks better than it did when i bought it! Thanks alot!

    Jeff Pintell

  • We had a terrible hail storm here in Tonawanda, NY, and I went to Lewis Collision to have my car repaired by Dent Squad USA. I thought there was no way they could remove all those dents without replacing the hood but they did! I was not a believer of paintless dent repair, but I am now!! Thank you for fixing my car to perfect condition!


  • My brand new Lexus was severely damaged in the recent hailstorm here in Scottsdale, AZ. My insurance company told me I had to replace my hood, roof and trunk lid, but Dent Squad USA was able to repair it like new again and I was able to save my deductible+... thanks guys!

    Nash & Son Inc.

  • In the summer of 2007, we had a major hail storm in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We were fortunate enough to secure Dent Squad USA as a subcontract company to assist with completion of the work on our back log of insurance claims. They committed to stay on for the three months we estimated their help would be required for and they delivered on that promise. Butch and Margarette were reliable, absolutely professional and courteous to our customers. The quality of the work produced was the best in the business. Should we have occasion to require assistance again, Dent Squad USA would be our first choice.

    Don & Esther Sangster

  • I am real satisfied with the work that Butch did on my 06 Ford pic-up. Being in baseball size hail there is no way I thought it could be repaired paintless dent repair. I really thought it would have to go to a body shop. Instead, they had it repaired in 1 day and all the dents are gone! With all the dent companies in town, I am glad I chose the right one!

    Roger Barton

  • The work and professionalism was well worth doing business with Dent Squad USA. We are very satisfied with the work preformed. Thanks Again!

    Randy Mascarenas

  • Being a very picky person, I checked out Dent Squad USA several times before bringing my hail damaged 04 Cadillac Escalade to them. The end result... I am very satisfied. Thanks!

    Stephan Burnham

  • Wow, I cannot believe those dents are gone! They were huge! Thanks Butch... you do amazing work!

    Mr. Sells